Welcome to our first CypherWorx blog post! The CypherWorx team created this blog to provide an inside look into what CypherWorx is and why we do what we do. I’d like to start by giving you a little background on our company and why it was founded.

Paul Cypher founded CypherWorx, Inc. in 2007. Prior to that, Paul had spent his career in the non-profit sector, as the Executive Director of the Baltimore Museum of Industry and as the Vice President for Advancement at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. Both of those positions put him in charge of juggling too few training dollars with too many employees needing that training. Paul felt there had to be a better way to provide excellent training opportunities without the traditional classroom/travel expense.

CypherWorx and our online training courses and its proprietary learning management system proved to be the perfect solution – it provided an affordable and convenient opportunity for small businesses and nonprofits to train all of their employees, using an “anywhere/anytime” approach. If you have a web-connected computer, you have your own personal classroom.

We have happily filled a niche marketplace of providing eLearning solutions to zoos and aquariums, afterschool staff/administrators, museums, YMCA’s and nursing homes. Although we provide some standard “off the shelf” training solutions (OSHA, Safety, Microsoft) we also provide targeted training programs specifically designed to meet your training needs. Our highly qualified instructional designers work with content providers and subject matter experts to create customized and interactive courses, all while remaining highly affordable.

CypherWorx’s eLearning makes training and professional development for your employees a very simple decision. Our training allows an organization to be on the frontlines of a new generation of training. As the eLearning industry continues to grow, CypherWorx looks to a promising, successful future. Continue to follow our blog to stay-up-to-date with product releases and updates, client success stories, industry trends, product tips, trade show coverage and much, much more!

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