Conferences are a great place to generate ideas for the nonprofit and small business community. Conferences often showcase the latest techniques and theories in the employee training and eLearning communities, but they’re also a great place to see how more established techniques can be put to different uses. Here at CypherWorx, we are thrilled with the opportunity to attend conferences where we can meet our partners in person and get to know our future partners as well.

Our most recent conference we attended was the CHRO/HR Forum Conference for YMCA’s in Florida (booth pictured below). This was a great opportunity to share information and better understand how we can all work together to improve our online learning products.  Our goal here at CypherWorx is to provide the highest quality training to fit all of our partner’s budgets. Hearing our partners share with other organizations how online training has been so beneficial to their organization is very rewarding.

Our goal at each conference is to learn something new, which will help us improve what we do. While we typically attend these conferences as a vendor to present information, it is always great when we have the opportunity to listen in on other presenters. The information we are able to take away from these presentations allow us to stay ahead of the curve and provide cutting edge services to all of our partners. These presentations cause us to challenge what we currently do and constantly evolve our platform to meet the current trends and needs.

For example, we learned of the liabilities and demands associated with 403B notifications in nonprofit organizations. We are now working to implement strategies to assist our partners with this process. The information we take away, like 403B notification, allow us to continue to serve our clients with the goal of decreasing liability and improving the efficiency in which they do things.

CypherWorx values the partnership we have with each one of clients and also value in attending these conferences to spread the word about this new generation of learning- online learning. It is always a pleasure to meet each partner in person at conferences and learn how to constantly improve our products and services.

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