Today, many organizations are facing the challenge of training too many folks with too few training dollars. Many organizations are switching to eLearning solutions. Are you one of those organizations thinking of switching to this new learning platform? Here are two lists to help you make that decision to switch, and to help you decide which system to use.

The Top 10 Reasons for Move your Training Online!

  1. It is significantly less expensive (no airfare, hotels, transportation…etc).
  2. Proven to be effective and the feedback from employees is great.
  3. Learners can learn on their own time.
  4. No more excuses for people missing the required training.
  5. Automated recordkeeping for compliance.
  6. Proactively give training where it is needed most.
  7. A low cost/high value benefit for your employees.
  8. No more scheduling challenges.
  9. An online volunteer platform will keep volunteers educated and informed, saving staff time.
  10. It’s easy and fun. Learning online is much more comfortable than sitting in a class!

The Top 10 Questions to ask when choosing a Learning Management System (and the suggestions!)

  1. Can you add your own content?
    • Be sure it has a DIY content component to customize your own courses.
  2. Is there ongoing customer support?
    • Make sure there is a dedicated client services staff as well as IT folks to answer all your questions.
  3. Can you share resources?
    • Be sure the system allows you to easily build a library of expertise!
  4. Can you create groups?
    • A group feature gets folks talking and exchanging ideas, it’s an excellent way to learn even more from your peers.
  5. Is it low cost?
    • Make sure there are cost options. Costs should vary depending on the type of organization and the size.
  6. What kind of catalog do you provide?
    • The catalog should have hundreds of courses on a myriad of topics specific to your organization as well as courses of general interest.
  7. Can we customize the LMS?
    • Your organization should be able to add your logo and customize your page, your catalog and your training certificates to promote your brand.
  8. We have volunteers. Can you help us there?
    • Check to see if the LMS provides a complimentary volunteer platform. Now you can regulate your volunteer training as easily as your paid employees!
  9. What about assigning courses to our employees/volunteers?
    • The ability to assign courses to folks makes it easy for you to see that everyone is taking their required courses.
  10. Can we get reports on what courses folks have taken?
    • Be sure the LMS has a robust reporting system that easily allows you to create custom reports on all your staff.
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