We are constantly working on our LMS to improve its functionality, making it more efficient and easy for you to use. We are pleased to announce that three new features are now live! External Certificates, Additional Registration Information, and Site Members are all new features available in your site.

For All Users:

The External Certificates feature is now available for all learners. Learners can now upload certificates from past certification programs that they have successfully completed. Only a few short steps and all of your professional development accomplishments can be housed on one platform. From your homepage, click “External Certificates” and begin the process:


For Admins:

Ever think you might want to pull a report by hire date or city or something else? As a site administrator you can create your own custom fields to collect information when a learner registers into your site and those fields can be included in your custom reports! Use the Additional Registration Information feature to create the fields you want; each can be designated as required/not require.

The Site Members feature allows you to see a list of all the members in your site. As a site administrator you will be wanting to monitor the list of members in order to keep it up to date. Pull a quick and up to date list by using the Site Members feature. Your list will be exported to a CSV file which can be easily sorted and rearranged.

As always, we appreciate your business! Please contact us regarding any questions about your new features.

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