Educators know that learning is a social process, so why are so many online learning platforms like lecture halls in which learners merely consume content without discussing the content and practicing the acquired skills with their peers?

Thankfully, as technology advances and learners develop different expectations about collaborative learning, a new generation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) is emerging. Socially enabled LMS platforms enable learners to embark on a learning journey with their peers, with activities such as engaging in discussions, sharing documents, practicing what they’ve learned in simulations, and other social features.

One such platform is CollaborNation from CypherWorx, a sponsor of the 2016 Online Community Software Selection Guide.

On April 21, 2016 at 3pm EDT, join Al Ryan, Chief Experience Officer at CypherWorx, and me for a webinar on what community and social features to look for in a modern LMS. You’ll learn the principles and benefits of social learning, how to spot LMS packages with baked-in community features, and hear case studies of organizations that are already reaping the benefits of a socially enabled LMS.

Here are the full details:

What Community and Social features are vital to your Organization’s LMS?

Given there are so many LMSs on the eLearning market today, evaluating features/functionalities of each is very important. Attend our webinar to learn about the most essential social and community features and functionalities to help you organization train, track, and manage learners.

April 21, 2016 at 3pm EDT

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