Every day individuals from a multitude of diverse areas (zoos, aquariums, museums, after-care and out of school time providers, YMCAs, etc.) from all over the country and, indeed, around the world are registering on our site to take hundreds of our eLearning courses.

CypherWorx handles those registrations by providing each group with their own individual login URL. That means that each area/group will only see their site-specific courses and information.

When a client comes onboard, we provide them with a unique URL to give their employees. With that in hand, they can successfully register on the site. All URLs follow a specific protocol. First is the secure site information: https:// then our site: collabornation.net/ then the login information:  login/yoursite. All together it looks like: https://collabornation.net/login/yoursite

A successful registration is the start to a successful online education with CollaborNation and CypherWorx. Should you need more assistance, please contact our trouble line at 888-685-4440 or submit a ticket at: support.cypherworx.com

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