Where do you watch videos, listen to music, and communicate with friends, family, and coworkers? Chances are, you do all of these things on a mobile device. According to the Digital Future Report from the University of Southern California at Annenberg’s Center for the Digital Future, we spend an average of nearly 24 hours a week online, and 82% of us are using our mobile phones to get online. Your staff already has a tool for learning in the palm of their hands; you need to put training and professional development opportunities there, too.

There’s a Time and a Place for Everything

When it comes to training, the time is anytime, and the place is anywhere!

According to LinkedIn Learning’s Workplace Learning Report for 2018, 90% of companies offer digital learning. But most employees don’t have time to sit at a computer for hours, clicking through traditional online courses. Today’s digital learning offerings need to go beyond the desktop, making learning accessible and convenient for on-the-go staff who need to make the most out of every moment of their day.

By using the right development and delivery tools, you can ensure that your staff has access to engaging training and professional development, no matter where they are, or when they’re ready to learn.

The Right Output for the Right Device

It’s not enough to just take the slide deck that you’ve been using to train new employees for the past five years and throw it up on a Learning Management System or your intranet. Truly accessible online learning is about more than just making training available. It’s about making sure that:

  • The training can be easily viewed.
  • Interactive elements are intuitive and work well.
  • Multimedia elements―from images to video―are high-quality and responsive.

Leading-edge software like Articulate 360 Rise and Storyline allows for the development of training content that meets all of these criteria, ensuring that your content isn’t just mobile-friendly, it’s mobile-responsive. You can’t help your staff improve their job skills if the training you’ve asked them to take doesn’t play on their phone or tablet!

Don’t Neglect Traditional Learners

While mobile is the way of the future, we can’t forget about staff who do best with more traditional learners, who aren’t interested in using their mobile device for training. With today’s software, you don’t have to choose between developing for traditional (desktop-based) learners and mobile learners; truly responsive content plays beautifully on every type of device, and meets the needs of everyone on your staff.

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