As a leader you are always looking for your staff to do more with less out of necessity. As an administrator or a staff member, you are always being told to accomplish more with fewer resources. Businesses each day are looking to maximize the potential of their workforce to promote growth and innovation or to provide a better experience for the customer. Successful businesses now rely upon a serious commitment to a training program to accomplish these goals.

Training strategies have evolved. Training is often looked at as something individuals are forced to do, something that is boring, not worthwhile, or uninformative, therefore not producing the results intended. Professionals are learning now that this does not have to be the case. Businesses across the country are implementing a blended or hybrid approach when it comes to training, driving them to exceed their goals and solve many challenges they didn’t even know existed.

Blended learning supplements face to face training with online learning. Simply put, online learning can level the field for basic theory, principles, policies and more. This approach allows individuals to learn when they want to learn, driving higher information retention rates. Learners then come to the table with a common knowledge base, and learning and practical application become more efficient and enjoyable for all.

Technology brings added comfort amongst learners accustomed to navigating the internet and consuming knowledge online. Online learning provides a means to relay quality training to a large audience, conveniently and effectively, at a lower cost, primarily due to advances in software, and a greater understanding of proper instructional design. Well designed courses now include storytelling, gaming, reflection points, and more, that engage the learner throughout the process that leads to a better experience, and most importantly, higher retention rates and practical application.

Our most respected universities as experts on how to train and educate are creating online learning and teaching, not because they have to, but because it works. Habit number 7 as listed by Stephen R. Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is to “sharpen the saw”. Renewing and refreshing resources and knowledge is a key denominator behind successful people and as we all know, successful businesses are made of successful people. Training, through an online or blended approach allows any business to achieve their mission effectively, and with amazing results.

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