Congress has recently passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP), which will release over $81 billion of funds to all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to support efforts to get students back in the classroom safely for in-person learning, keep schools open once students are back, and address the academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs of all students. This gives K-12 and afterschool programs a tremendous opportunity to fight back against the hardships of the past year, and provide exceptional training services for its students and faculty.

In March, the Education Department released five questions for districts to consider when evaluating whether the proposed spending is appropriate:

  1. Will the proposed use of funds prevent, prepare for, and respond to Coronavirus?
  2. Is it an allowable use of funds under the CARES Act?
  3. Is it reasonable and necessary?
  4. Does it promote equity?
  5. Does it support returning students to the classroom?

CypherWorx can help by providing an all-in-one world-class training system for your staff.

Course Catalog

1. Access hundreds of K-12 and afterschool courses immediately

It can be time-intensive for school districts to put together customized training for their entire staff. There are a lot of training topics you may want to cover, as well as a variety of compliance standards to consider.

We specialize in creating up-to-date training that meets compliance standards. We have hundreds of courses that are immediately available for you and your school district to take. This will prepare your staff for numerous scenarios.

Follow the links below to see courses that are offered.

Children in classroom

2. Support afterschool and summer learning programs

It’s becoming more and more important to provide safe, reliable, and beneficial programs outside of school hours for students.

Our Afterschool Certificate Series provides 72 clock hours of training to provide in-depth training for your staff to be able to successfully run afterschool learning programs.

Our afterschool training is based on National Afterschool Association (NAA) core competencies. By completing our courses, your employees will earn state approved clock hour credit, as well as IACET CEUs. This provides an incentive for your staff to complete their training while also providing your students with more enriching afterschool programs.


3. Create your own training

Have training content already? No problem! Use Create-A-Course to import PowerPoints, PDFs, and videos to create your own custom online courses and share with your faculty. Create-A-Course gives you a lot of flexibility of making your training available to your faculty including:

  • Create program-specific training
  • Record live trainings, then convert them into courses
  • Create new employee onboarding courses
  • Share policies for your faculty to sign-off on

Hand holding a phone

4. Let us to make courses for you

Prefer not to create courses yourself? Our in-house instructional design team would love to take your content and turn it into a polished, interactive online training course. This lets you add custom interactions within the course, add school branding, and so much more.

Reporting Overlay

5. Organize all your training records

Tired of chasing down training records? They may only exist as physical files, as spreadsheets, or perhaps not even stored at all.

With CypherWorx, you’re able to centralize all of your training records in one easy-to-use system. Import any training records you staff has completed, and automatically keep track of all training that takes place within the system.

This lets you go to one place to see all the training that your staff has completed.

Our reporting also offers advanced metrics such as seeing training completed over time, completions by districts, and so much more.

Graph of courses completed over time

6. Be audit ready

In the event of being audited, you no longer need to track down training records and certificates – everything is centralized in an easy-to-use system.

Simply go to reporting and pull up training records for your staff. All training records belong to you, so you can export any report as a CSV.


Learning Paths

7. Reduce turnover

Provide your employees clear career tracks to lead them to career growth and future opportunities. Combine all types of training into customized Learning Paths to provide attainable learning outcomes for your staff to work towards.

You can create custom Learning Paths to:

  • Onboard your new employees
  • Build career paths for any position
  • Create Certificate or Credential programs
  • And much more!


8. Don’t worry about training logistics

You no longer worry about the logistics of training – finding a location, coordinating schedules, providing food, contracting an outside trainer, or tracking who attended.

Courses can be taken entirely online. You can also create Events, which allows you to host virtual training sessions with web conferencing software such as Zoom or WebEx. There are a multitude of features available.

  • Create events that staff can sign up for.
  • Keep track of who attended.
  • Award customized certificates for attending
  • Assign online training immediately after the event
  • Pull reports on all attendees
  • Record your live or virtual sessions, and create courses to add to your growing catalog of online training
  • And more.

Integrate with CypherWorx

9. Integrate with your systems

Integrate CollaborNation with other systems to further simplify and automate your training.

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