YMCAs offer New Employee Orientation training to their new hires to share the policies and procedures required to be successful as a YMCA employee. Once an employee is brought on board officially, you may want to offer yearly recertification training to make sure that this important information is still present with them.

Typically YMCAs will want their own custom branded recertification program, which we build courses out to their designation. Recertification training often includes:

  • Your core values
  • Your employee handbook
  • A refresher on harassment and safety
  • Child abuse prevention
  • Responding and reporting
  • And more

But with recertifications it can be difficult to track on a larger scale, especially if you have hundreds of employees to manage.

  • You want to automatically assign recertification easily to your employees.
  • Your employees need to complete it by a specific date.
  • They need to be notified to complete their certification.
  • And you don’t want it to take up much of your time, there’s so much other work to focus on.

With credentials, you are able to set up recertification training once and forget about it. In this post, we are showing you how to set up yearly recertification training.

1. Create a credential

First we want to create the credential itself. To do so, go to Admin Tools then Credential Management. Then click Add Credential.

Create Credential

You will need to provide details of your credential.

  • Name: YMCA Recertification
  • Reassign to learner upon completion: We’re setting this to on since we want anyone who completes the recertification training to receive a new version to complete for the next year.
  • Complete Within: 30 days. All employees will have 30 days, once assigned, to complete the recertification training.
  • Valid For: 1 year. Once an employee has completed their recertification, it is valid for 1 year. After that year they will need to renew their certification and complete the same training again.

Upload YMCA logo and select certificate

You can then set its default image and add a certificate of completion.

Fulfillment tasks

Then you will need to enter in its fulfillment tasks. These are the requirements that learners must complete to earn the credential.

Training types can be any combination of:

  • Courses
  • Learning Paths
  • Labels: Allows employees to submit an external document for approval.

We have two requirements to earn a recertification:

  • The YMCA employee must complete a YMCA Recertification online course.
  • They must also complete an online course, Adult and Child CPR.

Through credentials, you can use any online course available in your site and create a track with it. We have developed and made available hundreds of courses to save your organization time.

Criteria Patterns

A default criteria pattern will be created for you based on what you enter. The default settings work for our recertification.

What’s really powerful, is you have the ability to update these criteria yourself. So if you wanted to create complex rules, you can type the new criteria in directly. As an example, if more training were added, you can set the training requirements to be:

(1 and 2) or (3 and 4)

Credential notifications


Next you can add specific reminders for your credentials. You can customize and set up as many notifications as you like at any duration. You can also use variables to dynamically enter in details to specialize the message for each person.

You can set when to remind your employees by settings its interval.

  • If the interval is 1 day, it will send the notification to every learner who has this recertification 1 day before it’s due.
  • If you set it to 30 days, they will be sent the notifications 30 days before it’s due.

Once finished, click Save.

That’s it, your credential has been created!

2. Assign the recertification


Assign recertification

Once the recertification has been created, you will need to assign it to learners in your site. There are a few ways to assign it.

  1. Assign it automatically to learners when their account is created on Site Building.
  2. Go to Credential Management and click on Assign next to your credential.
  3. Assign the credential through Course Assignments.

Once your employees have the first version of it, as they complete it they will automatically receive next year’s recertification. Any of these methods work, so select what’s best for your Y.

3. Learners complete their recertification


Recertification assigned

The next time your employees log into the site, they will see the recertification in their My Courses listing to complete.

Recertification details


They will then see details about the recertification requirements, including its start date, its due date, when it expires, any instructions, and the required training to complete.

Completed YMCA Recertification


A checkmark will appear next to training they have completed.

Completed Recertification Details


When all training requirements have been completed, they will have completed their Credential, and if set, have earned a certificate of completion.

Credential reporting

Both credentials and submitted credential documents is viewable directly in Reporting, so administrators can track all completed training easily.


Being able to set up recertification training easily for your organization should save you administrative time, and make onboarding and retaining employees simpler and more enjoyable. There is a lot of capability with credentials that your YMCA may be able to benefit from.

Also make sure to check out our support articles for more details on using these features.

And let us know what you think! We love hearing from you, and your feedback shapes what we work on next.  Is this helpful for you? Is this missing something that you would love to see?

You can also post in our Feature Requests forum if you’re looking for functionality that doesn’t exist yet.

Thanks, and stay tuned for more updates!

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