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On Wednesday, October 5th, we will make significant changes under the hood for real-time notifications, including course assignments, completions, expirations, direct admin messaging, and more.

If your organization implements a firewall that blocks unknown URLs, please ask your IT network administrator to allow access to socket.collabornation.net before Wednesday, October 5th.

If this domain is not whitelisted, the following may happen.

Notification bar

  • The notification bell would not ding to alert learners that they have a new notification.
  • The notification number would not increase.
  • When learners complete a course, they will not receive the green notification saying that a certificate is available.

Please note that learners would still have their course marked as complete and receive the certificate of completion, they just may not see the green box.

If your organization does not block domains, then no action is required. Please also see our article on other domains to whitelist.

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