Our story begins in 1997, when our founder and CEO Paul Cypher was in a meeting about early childhood, summer and afterschool programming. He was trying to understand the requirements for staff training and licensing for these programs. That’s when he realized there was a growing need for expanded learning experiences. Training that meets professional requirements based on company, industry, governmental accreditation, regulations, and standards.

“I spent almost my whole career working with service organizations and I always think about how I can give back. I love technology, I remember buying computer kits at Radio Shack and building my own devices at home. This business brings both those passions together – a social good and technology.” – Paul

From his experience as Vice President for Advancement at the Rochester Museum & Science Center and Executive Director of the Baltimore Museum of Industry, Paul knew first-hand the challenge of trying to provide quality training opportunities to a large staff on a limited budget. These experiences led him to found CypherWorx, with a goal of providing affordable, convenient, comprehensive professional development solutions to help organizations not just meet training requirements but exceed their learning goals.

“By accident I discovered the heart of this work from hearing the stories of our customers and learning how we revolutionized industries. Training used to get cut short, be low quality or simply not exist. Now it’s so different.” – Steve

Business officially began in August 2009 with a small team of consultants and contractors hired to build a prototype Learning Content Management System (LCMS). They also created the first two eLearning courses – FrogWatch USA and Project Management Training.

CypherWorx co-founder, Steve Stookey, joined the team in 2012 after spending 23 years as an executive with a leading national payroll provider. Steve’s passion for professional development and training led him to join CypherWorx. In 2012, they completed development of the LCMS and eLearning courses for two clients, YMCA and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Beta testing was completed in 2014 and they were able to fully launch CollaborNation in June of 2015.

CollaborNation fuses an eLearning platform with robust reporting, personalized learning, content development tools. Our LCMS is also a social environment where communities of learners can connect and learn collaboratively. We provide our partners with powerful tools to improve employee performance and not just meet, but exceed requirements.

“We’re finding fewer and fewer people objecting to the idea of online learning. We have customers who went from skeptics to fans to power users in a short time.” – Paul

“Online learning has a very bright future and has proven effective. It is now an important part of the whole training experience and accessible to any size organization.” – Steve

Our content catalog now has more than 2,000 eLearning courses in a variety of categories ranging from early education, to school-age, to University compliance. We work with fire and EMS communities for professional development and compliance, and more! Over the years, our instructional design department has grown. It’s focused on helping to identify and create content that meets the learning needs and organizational goals of our partners and their employees.

“CypherWorx is genuine social entrepreneurship. People who receive training on our platform save lives. We are so proud to be connected to that.” – Paul

Our programming and content development teams have won several awards for their innovative and engaging work, including the coveted Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning, and EdTech Cool Tool Awards. We work with industry leading experts to create content and boast high ratings for our courses. Our content is interactive, our system has top of the line reporting and the efficacy studies we’ve done support the impact of this work.

Today, CypherWorx remains focused on finding new ways our platform can solve problems. As we continue to grow and adapt with the changing landscape of technology, we always stress a Mobile-First development approach and strive to keep our system flexible, accessible and easy to use. Our content and LCMS have helped our customers to reduce training costs, increase ROI, improve employee performance, and empower learners. Our team is passionate about providing great learning solutions to help you do what you do best.

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