You and Your GUI

First of all, you might be wondering, “What is a GUI?” GUI, pronounced gooey, stands for Graphical User Interface. It is used to help learners easily interact with a course [...]

Inspiring Creativity in Our Work

In our work as instructional designers, we are focused on meeting—and exceeding—the expectations of our clients, by developing engaging, interactive elearning that helps the end user develop and enhance their [...]

Registration Protocol

Every day individuals from a multitude of diverse areas (zoos, aquariums, museums, after-care and out of school time providers, YMCAs, etc.) from all over the country and, indeed, around the [...]

Kids Playing Outside: It’s That Simple

The American education system consistently experiences criticism aimed at early childhood development. The common perspective is that our schools are simply not working. Children are incapable of scoring well on [...]

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