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Welcome back to our monthly newsletter! We hope you are enjoying your holiday season. As the year is coming to a close, we would like to thank all of our partners. We are looking forward to 2016 as we continue to successfully grow and expand.

If you find this newsletter of interest to one of your colleagues or peers, please forward and copy us in so we can include them on our next edition. 

Have a safe and happy holiday! 

- The CypherWorx Team


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Online Community Results Magazine

CypherWorx is proud to announce that we are a sponsor of the 2016 Online Community Results: LMS Selection Guide! Online Community Results specializes in private social communities for associations, providing outsourced day-to-day community management, coaching for community managers, consulting, and community strategy services. To download the magazine, visit:  www.

Referral Program

Have a friend or know an organization that would benefit from our LMS, online training, or professional development? Refer them to us and receive $250 off your annual renewal! Contact us at to hear more!  Terms and Conditions May Apply. 

Brandon Hall Plaque

This month we received our Brandon Hall plaque in the mail. Back in September, we won our second Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in Learning Award: Best Advance in Custom Content. To read more about the award, visit: sites/default/files/ BrandonHallPressRelease2015_ FINAL.pdf


Fire Department Infographic

Is your fire department looking to make the switch to eLearning?

Take a look at our handy infographic to learn more about why this switch is crucial your fire department!

To see the full infographic, visit: blog/fire-departments-making- switch-elearning


Examples of Interactivity in Instructional Design

In order to make the learning experience dynamic and engaging, CypherWorx strives to incorporate meaningful interactivity to the greatest extent possible. 

Interactivity is essential to enhancing content, serving as an opportunity for greater learning, retention, and formative assessment.

To see examples that highlight this, click here:  CypherWorx Examples of Interactivity in ID.pdf




Indiana Academy (IAN) for Out-of-School Learning

"The Indiana OST Professional Development is right up our alley-- and the customer service is great! In fact, we are using the group options so our team can view one course, have a discussion and spread learning over a few weeks! Then everyone gets to take a separate post-test! My team is sold!" - Herb Higgin, Safe Harbor, Coordinator.

To learn more about IAN OST training, click here to register for an informational webinar and learn how your organization can get started today! 


Upcoming Webinars

The Out of School Time Professional Development Center Information Session

Users Group Meeting

Indiana (IAN) Academy for Out of School Learning Information Session


Welcoming New Partners...



If you haven't done so already, remember to register into our Snapshot Demo site to learn more: login/snapshot

This demo site is a fully functional site that allows you to explore all of the different features and functionality that our LMS has to offer. Download this PDF for instructions on how to register into the site:  snapshot_tutorial.pdf

The site also contains sample courses to preview and see how our instructional designers have made learning and training interactive and fun. 


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