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Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season and are enjoying 2016 so far. The next few months for CypherWorx promises to be very exciting! Below in our "CypherWorx Updates" section is a list of events we are attending. Please be sure to stop by and visit if you are in the area! 

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- The CypherWorx Team


Market News

CypherWorx Updates


Winners of Customer Satisfaction Survey Random Drawing


Thanks for the overwhelming response to our survey! We hope you continue to enjoy learning with us. To everyone listed below, your gift cards have been emailed to you! Enjoy your next Starbucks coffee on us. 

  • Laura Robinson, Greater Rochester Nursing Home Quality Consortium
  • Kathie DiPolito, Florida Afterschool Alliance
  • Dale Prunoske, NeighborWorks America 

Programming Updates

  • Account Settings: Learners can update their additional registration information after initial submission. Site admins can make edits to their learners accounts. 
  • Site Members: Admins can now deactivate learners and set other admins.
  • Live Training Events: Now appear under the "All" tab for the course catalog.
  • Custom Reports: Will now show Additional Training.
  • Team Events: Will now send out email notifications.
  • On-Demand Data: As a paid service, the CypherWorx programming team can now write custom queries for organizations. 
  • ... And much, much more! To hear more, click here to register for our monthly Users Group Meeting on Wednesday, January 20th at 2pm

Meet the CypherWorx Team At...

  • National Afterschool Association Conference in Orlando, Florida. March 20th-29th Includes a presentation by Jim Murphy, Chief Programming Officer and voted one of NAA's Top 25 Influential People in Afterschool. 

  • BOOST Conference in Palm Springs, California. April 27th-29th . Exhibit Booth #102. Exhibit Showcase Wednesday, April 27th at 2:45pm . Camp Inspire Thursday, April 28th at 10:00am . Workshop on Strengthening Quality in Afterschool & OST Programs

Instructional Design Updates

New Courses Live:

- Customer Service Skills

- Ergonomics for Food Service and Retail

- Respiratory Protection Standard 

New Employee Orientation Courses Live:

- YMCA of Delaware 

- YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga 

-YMCA of Western North Carolina 

- 2016 Recertification Courses for South Shore YMCA

- 2016 Recertification Courses for Greater Indianapolis YMCA


Monthly Users Group

Our Users Groups are monthly communication meetings in which we provide all the Administrators updates and training on our learning management system processes, features, and tools.

We also look forward to hearing from you on topics that you feel would be useful and educational as we create future meetings. 

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for these meetings! 

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Upcoming Webinars

The Out of School Time Professional Development Center Information Session

Indiana Academy for Out-of-School Learning Information Session

Oklahoma Professional Development Information Session

Users Group Webinar


Welcoming New Partners...



If you haven't done so already, remember to register into our Snapshot Demo site to learn more: login/snapshot

This demo site is a fully functional site that allows you to explore all of the different features and functionality that our LMS has to offer. Download this PDF for instructions on how to register into the site:  snapshot_tutorial.pdf

The site also contains sample courses to preview and see how our instructional designers have made learning and training interactive and fun. 


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