DELIVERY. Our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is the hub for your solutions. This is a private, cloud-hosted site where you organize, deliver, track, and report all your training and professional development. Use our LCMS to:

  • Deliver accurate training to the right people, anytime and anywhere with mobile-first courses.

  • Save time with automated features – auto-assign training, tasks, notifications, one-button reporting, and more!

  • Tailor your training experience with your brand, colors, and select features to suit your learners’ needs.

  • Make informed decisions on training and professional development using Assessments and Reporting.

  • Automate career development programs using Learning Paths.

  • Record all your training in the LCMS – you can even build your own courses with the Create-A-Course Tool.

  • Make compliance reporting easy with the Custom Certificates Tool.

  • Use the social learning features to foster a professional learning community for knowledge sharing, cross-training, and peer mentoring.

  • Quickly and easily upload presentations and videos, add audio, quizzes, and a certificate.

  • Integrate with your payroll, human resource information system, or even your CRM with an API (Application Programming Interface), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or SSO (Single Sign-On).

Learning Paths

Provide a sequence of specific steps to accomplish a learning goal or task.


Measure competencies and use results to assign targeted training and purposeful professional development.


Create, track, and organize your in-person and webinar learning events on the integrated learning calendar.

Want to dive deeper into all features? Explore them here.

Automate & Integrate

Our CollaborNation Learning Content Management System is designed to integrate with other systems that our customers use to reduce some of the administrative burden that managing multiple systems can create. Through API, SFTP and SSO features we can connect to your existing CRM, payroll system or HRIS. With these features, accounts in our system can be created, updated and placed in reporting groups automatically. Staff don’t need to remember yet another username and password. Administrators can pull reports and add to their system, no need to jump into ours to run reports. Save yourself the time of manually managing all those accounts and keeping them up to date, let the system do it for you, that’s the value of technology!

API (Application Program Interface)

Move information back and forth between systems with ease.

View our API documentation below.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

We’ve developed an automated system to add users to your CollaborNation site via a SFTP connection.

Data Processing

Using your CSV data file, a script will add or update users into your CollaborNation site. Make it automatic and effortless to keep systems synced.

Data Fields

Along with first name, last name, and email address, additional fields are possible, such as groups, notification emails, or any other text you choose.

Single-Sign-On Icon of a key: White key on a blue circle

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Let your staff use the login credentials they already have with our system, too! Sometimes those small things, like no needing to remember another username and password, can make a big difference.

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