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We understand the hard work and dedication required to create and maintain a great Fire and EMS service training program — today’s environment requires more time and effort of the training officer than ever before.

Our goal is to allow the training officer to focus on the delivery of training rather than focusing their time and effort trying to meet ever changing requirements. Every Fire and EMS department in the nation deserves to have a successful training program that creates a learning environment that is both enthusiastic and exciting.

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Take your Fire and EMS training anywhere, at any time. Access your courses on any device, including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Course progress is always saved, so you can put down and pick back up training according to your schedule.

Training and Compliance

Deliver up-to-date training that follows leading industry safety standards based on NFPA standards, PESH regulations, and NYS Department of Labor laws.

New York State Department of Labor
Public Employee Safety and Health (PESH)

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Fundamentals of Prehospital Medicine

Fundamentals of Pre-Hospital Medicine

Basic Life Support (BLS) First Response and Transport training that is held to the fundamental level of care. Variations occur from state to state and even within municipalities at times. We have worked hard to explain those bridges in order to support the training that your local medical direction expects.

Universal Pre-Hospital Medicine

Includes courses that cover all aspects of Pre-Hospital Medicine. This training has been designed to challenge everyone, from the Emergency Medical Responder to the Physician that is operating outside of the hospital.

Universal Prehospital Medicine
Good Medicine in Bad Places

Good Medicine in Bad Places

Similar to the Universal Pre-Hospital Medicine Category, you will find material that applies to all levels of responders within the National EMS Scope of Practice Model. The education here is specific to high risk, high acuity, low frequency events.

Introduction to Advanced Life Support

The National EMS Scope of Practice Model defines both the “Advanced Emergency Medical Technician” and the “Paramedic” levels of care. The Continuing Medical Education here is designed to provide minimum competencies at both levels. In the cases where the material is considered to be far beyond the level of the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician material will be allocated into the Paramedicine Category.

Introduction to Advanced Life Support


The most complicated topics in Pre-Hospital Medicine are found here. Those that manage interfacility specialty care transport and high level Pre-Hospital interventions will enjoy the approach our Subject Matter Experts offer.

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Complete Fire Service Training programs based on NFPA standards, PESH regulations, and NYS Department of Labor laws.

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“Our vision of creating a blended learning environment could not be reached without [CypherWorx’s] innovation.”

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