Safety First

We know keeping the children in your care safe is a top priority. Our system contains dozens of certified courses on the topic of safety. Topics such as mandated reporting, basic first aid, how to create and foster a safe environment, and more. Click the link below to browse our full course catalog and discover all the safety training opportunities you could make available to your staff. Contact us to learn more.

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Improve Child Outcomes

After all, it’s always about doing what’s best for kids. In the world of childcare and early education, all roads lead to the same destination – what’s best for kids. Efficient, effective, quality training means your staff will be equipped to provide the best care and create the best environments for the little ones you look after. With features such as learning paths and assessments, you can make sure your staff is continuing to learn and grow, too. Contact us to learn more.

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Reduce Staff Turnover

The best training for the best employees. Make sure your staff are meeting all of their accreditation requirements and more. Our system has training to meet the unique requirements in every state but that’s not all. You can standardize the training that is received by everyone and give them the opportunity to expand their own professional development with the breadth of training topics available in our system. Click below to read a case study on how one organization overhauled their training and reduced turnover with CollaborNation. Contact us to learn more.

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Maximize ROI

Online training makes financial sense. With an online system you standardize the training received, track and report easily on training completed so no one falls through the cracks while improving the skills and satisfaction of your staff. Let’s not forget the low cost when compared to in-person training which can be an administrative nightmare to coordinate. Where’s the downside? Click below the watch a video on how one organization saved $5,000 working with us. Contact us to learn more.

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Looking to make the shift to eLearning?

Take a look at why businesses are making the shift, the benefits, and how you too can make the shift with this handy infographic.

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