Fire and EMS

Our first responder training supports fire, EMS/EMT, ambulance corps, police, and emergency personnel getting the best training from one of the leading universities in the world, the University of Rochester.

Fire and EMS Industry Challenges

Finding interactive, interesting, and affordable state-approved first responder training is difficult. Keeping track of training for all of your volunteers and paid staff can be even harder. It can often take a training director several hours or days a week to keep track of certificates and certifications, contact team members, and track when and which training is required for each volunteer or paid employee. In every state, paid and volunteer fire companies, ambulance corps, police, and other emergency medical providers (such as hospitals) are required to be certified, and to annually earn Continuing Medical Education Units (CMEs). Finding CME training that is medically sound, meets state requirements, and allows you to assign training by job functionality and role, while also tracking credit hours provided through live training events or from providers outside the organization, is a difficult and time-consuming task. Further, having a robust notification, assignment, and reporting back-end often requires multiple systems or approaches.

CypherWorx Solution

Our content has been developed in partnership with University of Rochester Division of Pre-Hospital Medicine, one of the world's leading medical institutions, to ensure you get the latest and best training programs, constantly updated as regulations and requirements change. Our system allows you to create single-sign-on and API access from your human capital management software to our Learning Content Management System, to allow assignment of training by job role and responsibility, and solid notifications of training due dates. Our built-in Create-a-Course tool allows administrators and curriculum teams to easily build their own online content on the fly. We can integrate our content into your LMS, allow you to use ours, and/or integrate other training sites and content you may use for compliance solutions, so you can have a one-stop shop for ongoing regulated training. Our standard training packet includes state-of-the-art, interactive, mobile-friendly online content, covering ALS, BLS, and fire training, along with staples like bloodborne pathogens, ladder safety, first aid, and more.

Fire Departments: Making he Switch to eLearning. 52% Reduced instructor costs. 86% Said the biggest benefit is convenience. 66% said online training flexibility makes scheduling easier. 44% saved more than 500 hours/year in overtime. 27% would increase online training if budget cuts were imposed. 75% saved up 5o 500 hours/year in overtime. What to look for when choosing an LMS: Ease of Use: How-to Guides, Customizable, Easy NAvigation, Onboarding. Accessibility: 24/7/365, Web-Based, TAblet Accessible, Assignable, Privileges. Reporting: Realtime participation, tracking, customizable reports, printable certificates, group reporting, external training, event tracking. Functionality: SCORM/AICC, Tin CanAPI, Analytics, Scalable, Features. Collaboration and Communication: Course Notetaking, File Exchanges, Discussion Groups/Collaborate w/Members, Resource Management. House all of your department-specific content in one place anc reate your own library! Customer Support: Help Desk, Vendor Support, Online Support Hub, User Groups. Course Design: Instructional Design Tools, Course Creation Tools, Content Development, Course Feedback. Condense your multi-monthly trainings and turn powerpoints into reportable courses! Security: Privacy Controls, Server Locations, Automatic Backup System. For more information contact: or call 888-685-4440. Source:

CypherWorx supports what we are trying to accomplish. Our vision of creating a blended learning environment could not be reached without their innovation. We believe that training and education should be both in-house and on-line. The Create-A-Course Tool gives our educators the ability to supplement traditional classroom training and maintain Best Practice without unnecessary delay. The Create-A-Course is intuitive and very powerful.

President, EMS Plumbline