We support K-12 public schools, charter schools, private schools, and homeschoolers through faculty, staff, and administrator professional development training and digital curriculum programs for students and teachers.

K-12 Industry Challenges

As K-12 educators, you and your educational organizations are faced with more challenges every day. Common Core, ELA, math, NexGen science, state, and federal regulations require that faculty, staff, and educators are trained in wide variety of areas, from non-harassment to content-specific subject matter and classroom management. In addition, you often struggle with the best methods to bring effective teaching technology to your students.

CypherWorx Solution

We provide you with teacher training programs and LCMS solutions to train faculty, administrators, and staff. Our off-the-shelf programs support paraprofessionals and teachers in a wide range of professional development areas, from regulatory requirements to understanding multiple intelligence and other learning theories. Our training is interactive, cutting-edge, online, approved by regulatory bodies, and affordable. Our built-in Create-a-Course tool allows administrators and curriculum teams to easily build their own online content on the fly. Through our partnerships with San Diego Zoo Global, the Museum of Science, and other leading educational institutions, we've developed digital curriculum products for K-12 school districts, private schools, charter schools, and homeschool groups. Our digital curriculum content is tied to field trip guides and live/taped video content and interactions with staff and researchers at our partner institutions.

We provide you with an integrated, easy-to-administer solution with robust reporting, course assignments, reporting groups, live training tracking, and API integration functions to ensure that your staff is assigned the content they need to meet requirements, with minimal labor from you. Our content has been developed in partnership with leading subject matter experts, universities, and research organizations, to ensure you get the latest and best training programs, constantly updated as regulations and requirements change. We take on the task of getting the training approved through state and federal approval systems, taking that hassle off of your plate. Our system allows you to create single-sign-on and API access from your human capital management software or website to our Learning Content Management System, to allow assignment of training by job role and responsibility, and solid notifications of training due dates. We can integrate our content into your LMS, allow you to use ours, and/or integrate other training sites and content you may use for compliance solutions, so you can have a one-stop shop for compliance and regulatory training of all your faculty and staff. In addition to unique training programs for K-12 educators and students, our standard training packet includes hundreds of hours of state-of-the-art, interactive, mobile-friendly online content, covering staples like new employee orientation, bloodborne pathogens, safety, non-harassment, OSHA, diversity, SIDS, first aid, and more.

We've found our partnership with CypherWorx has been well received from our staff to meet their schedule flexibility, and praised for the high quality content. Our staff have loved the flexibility, and are reporting more on-site conversations and implementation about their learning from completed modules.

Assistant Director, Elk River District 728