Our CollaborNation Learning Management System is designed to easily and quickly integrate through API connections to existing Customer Resourse Management Systems (CRMs).

API Integrators

We are currently API integrators with Avectra's Memberfuse software, and are developing API plug-ins for

Existing CRMs

We can work with your CRM provider to
assess the option of adding the CollaborNation LMS to your existing CRM.

Our Recommendation

The API documentation is our recommendation on how to best use the CollaborNation API.

The API Documentation

CollaborNation API Documentation


We've developed an automated system to add users to your CollaborNation site via a SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) connection.

Data Processing

Using your CSV data file, a script will add or update users into your CollaborNation site.

Data Fields

Along with first name, last name, and email address, additional fields are possible, such as user groups, notification emails, or any other free‑form text you may choose.