CypherWorx Launches New Product: WizNugz

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CypherWorx Launches New Product: WizNugz

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 4th, 2014 - Today, CypherWorx announced the launch of their new training website, WizNugz. WizNugz is an online platform that delivers professional training and development that allows individuals and their organizations to have access to high quality, low cost online professional development and training programs anywhere at any time.

“WizNugz is three years in the making. This site is really unique because it offers our clients the ability to have access to the training they want, or need, on their own schedules” said Paul Cypher, President & CEO.

WizNugz’ (short for Nuggets of Wisdom) online catalog gives access to over 1,000 courses in a wide range of professional development and safety topics.

There is no cost to sign up, users only pay for the courses they want. WizNugz is accessible from any web-connected computer, saving users time, travel, and costs associated with traditional training.

CypherWorx works with leading subject matter experts from different fields to create a catalog of interactive and memorable courses. The compelling and focused material helps learners gain knowledge and confidence that expands their professional skills. CypherWorx also builds customized courses, and provides privately branded WizNugz sites for organizations.

About CypherWorx

Founded in 2007, CypherWorx develops comprehensive eLearning solutions for membership associations, non-profit organizations and small business providers using a unique, collaborative business model that has won praise for its effectiveness and accessibility. Services range from course development to Learning Management System (LMS) integration under the NP Training Works® and CollaborNation® brands. For more information, visit

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