We Stand with Buffalo

Western New Yorkers are unique people. We complain about the weather, we enjoy being outside in the spring and summer more than anyone anywhere, we love our Bills and Sabres, we love festivals, we look out and stand up for each other, and we understand that respecting, understanding and appreciating our differences are the things that make us great. We come from many different ethnicities, faith traditions, backgrounds, and cultures but we are all tough, resilient, and determined. We are New York Strong.

In this difficult time many of us are questioning how we talk to our co-workers, our kids, and our neighbors about this tragedy. We are thinking about how we protect ourselves in the event of copy-cat events. Most importantly, all of us are thinking about how we help the families of those impacted, how we let our neighbors know they are still appreciated, and how we do our small part to educate ourselves with the hope this doesn’t happen again.

We are pleased to offer free training to help you know how to protect yourself in an Active Shooter event, and give you some resources to help you understand, appreciate and respect differences in the people you encounter.

Paul Cypher

Paul Cypher

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