Comal Independent School District


As part of a very large school district, with 18 afterschool sites spread over nearly 600 square miles, Comal School District needed to find a way to provide consistent training and compliance that wasn’t cumbersome. Previously, training was always provided on site by coordinators but the time constraints of both trainers and staff made access limited.


Taking away the burden to be attending a training in person, Comal opened up opportunities for greater staff development.

“CypherWorx has changed what we are able to offer our employees in terms of staff development. We are now able to assign new employees specific modules and they are able to complete them on their own within a specified window of time.”
– Lori Montelongo, Community Education Director


The versatility of eLearning and blended learning approaches is often cited as a perk by our customers. While the beginning of the year and the end of the year were once the only reliable time to offer staff trainings, that’s no longer the case. Staff who start mid-year, staff who are looking for additional development, staff who have schedule conflicts but don’t want to miss out – all these challenges are no longer a problem.

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