Welcome to our Webinar Series: K-12. In this eight webinar series, running over consecutive weeks, you will learn about the various ways our Learning Management System (LMS) can assist you with your school and district’s training needs.

20 Oct 12:30 PM EDT

Community Continuing Education for the 21st Century

K-12 · Week 1

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27 Oct 12:30 PM EDT

Offering Career/College Education Experiences for Students

K-12 · Week 2

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3 Nov 12:30 PM EDT

Offering Education Experiences for Parents, Alumni, and Guardians

K-12 · Week 3

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10 Nov 12:30 PM EST

Engaging, and Easy to Report, Compliance Training for Staff, Faculty, and Administration

K-12 · Week 4

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17 Nov 12:30 PM EST

Technical Certification Training for Students, Parents/Guardians, Employees, and School Community

K-12 · Week 5

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1 Dec 12:30 PM EST

School Safety Training

K-12 · Week 6

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8 Dec 12:30 PM EST

Effective, and Affordable Paraprofessional Training Program

K-12 · Week 7

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15 Dec 12:30 PM EST

Life Skills Training for Students, Parents, and Employees

K-12 · Week 8

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20 Nov 12:00 PM EST

Explore How Our Program Helps Solve Challenges in Your K-12 District


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