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This webinar is designed to be an overview of how CypherWorx is supporting staff, faculty, students and the community with the latest in online education.

CypherWorx is uniquely positioned to help solve some of the most pressing headaches in the K-12 environment:

  • Lack of high quality, easy-to-administer Paraprofessional Training to upskill and retain your talent.
  • Giving back to the Community you serve with practical, useful training that will save your residents thousands of dollars in free access to technical preparatory training and lifeskill courses.
  • Upgrade your Global Compliance Training with engaging, fresh new courses unlike the ones you may be currently using.
  • Update your GED programs to include a more hybrid learning approach or a more asynchronistic model that blends well with working schedules.
  • Easily provide your early childcare program a pathway to obtaining their CDA credential.

CypherWorx has the pedigree to help you easily administer these, and other programs with our award-winning Learning Content Management System that features over 2,000 courses to choose from.

Rik Miller


Rik Miller, Learning Consultant
Rik Miller has over 32 years of sales, management, operational, and training experience. Rik transitioned to CypherWorx in 2022 after 9 years at AT&T Digital Life as the Eastern US Fields Operations Regional Manager. Rik is also a United States Marine Veteran assigned to the White House Military Office in support of Marine One, the US Presidential Helicopter. Rik lives in Winchester, VA with his wife, two children, and four grandchildren.

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