Excel Beyond the Bell


“Imagine trying to schedule training times for dozens of part-time summer employees attending college? Trying to get together in the same room for a traditional training is very difficult and at times, just impossible!”


“This training has allowed us to be flexible and provide training’s to in-coming staff on their own time. Staff can take the training at their own convenience, meanwhile our organization can track and manage to make sure training and compliance requirements are being fulfilled.”


“The training modules help new and current staff become familiar with the foundations of OST youth development and understand how to do their job much better. Staff enjoys the interactive online learning and it has proven very effective in a recent Efficacy Study.”

– Jill Oettinger
CEO of Good Samaritan Community Services


Training is an integral part of out-of-school time and childcare operations. The methods used to provide and track training and professional development often determine how effectively organizations manage turnover. Brevard’s investment in CollaborNation has allowed for a positive change in training efficiencies. This afterschool program has mitigated the negative side effects of turnover by centralizing training and demonstrating appreciation for staff. They have created appeal for part-time positions with opportunities for advancement. The use of CollaborNation continues to inspire and facilitate positive changes for Brevard Afterschool Program.

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