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Add IACET Accredited Providers

CypherWorx is a proud IACET Accredited Provider, which allows us to award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for training that we have developed in-house. We follow rigorous processes to maintain our Accredited Provider status and ensure our training is of the highest quality.

CypherWorx Certificate of Accreditation for IACET

To further strengthen the training offered in the site, we are now able to allow external accreditation providers to offer training and award CEUs directly in our platform. This gives your team more flexibility in offering high quality professional development training for your organization.

CypherWorx as a listed Accreditation Provider

If you are an Accredited Provider, or you are interested in adding another Accredited Provider to your site, read through our support hub article to see all the new features that Accredited Providers now have.

We have a new certificate!

We have recently rolled out a new certificate throughout the system. To read details about what’s changed, why it’s changed, and how it may affect you, check out our more in-depth blog post about it.

Certificate of Completion

CEUs earned is removed from custom certificates

With these changes, we are unfortunately removing some functionality that we’ve previously had. When creating a custom certificate, you will no longer be able to have the earned CEUs appear on your custom certificate.

Custom certificate without CEUs

We have recently renewed our IACET Accreditation Provider status, and with the updated status we needed to remove this ability. Courses that award CEUs upon completion now must use the CypherWorx certificate to verify that CEUs were awarded from CypherWorx as the Accreditation Provider.

If you are an organization that used custom certificates that displayed CEUs earned, please read this blog post on what you can do to continue using your custom certificate instead.

Opt-out of awarding CEUs

Administrators have the ability to toggle on or off if courses should award CEUs. This gives you more granular control over how your training can be distributed.

To do so, go to your Catalog Management from Admin Tools.

For each course, you can toggle to allow CEUs. This gives you granular control over which courses should award CEUs upon completion.

If a course does not award CEUs, it will display “NA” for not applicable.

If you would like to allow CEUs for all courses, click the toggle for CEUs Allowed under the Default States section.

Catalog management

If a course does not have CEUs enabled, then the learner will not receive CEUs for that training anywhere throughout the site. This includes on their transcript, within reporting, on the course page, the learner’s My Courses page, etc.

Awarding certificates in Create-A-Course

Administrators can now easily select their custom certificate to be applied individually to their Create-A-Course. When publishing a course, you will now see a Certificate option.

Create-A-Course settings for certificates

Please note that custom certificates can still be set as the default certificate for your site or assigned to individual courses through the Certificate admin menu.

Collect feedback in Events

Event creators can now collect feedback in Events. When creating or editing an Event, simply toggle Allow Feedback to On.

Allow feedback on Events

Once an attendee has been marked as attending in After-Event Reporting, they have the option to leave feedback on the Event.

Give feedback for an event

They will be asked a series of questions that align with IACET standards of leaving feedback on training.

Event feedback form

Viewing Event Feedback

Once a learner leaves feedback for an Event, administrators of the site have the ability to view their responses. This can be found in Admin Tools.

You have the ability to pull reports on individual Events and also in bulk for all Events.

Event feedback results

View our support hub article on collecting feedback in Events for full details.

More coming

We’re always hard at making new features directly from your feedback. If you have suggestions, new features you’d love to see, or just want to chat with us, let us know!

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