CypherWorx is an IACET Accredited Provider. Training that we develop in-house goes through an extensive process to provide courses are of the highest quality, ensuring that training that you and your team takes will help you professionally.

This process allows us to award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to learners who complete our training.

To continue our Accredited Provider status and to award CEUs, we have made some updates in our system.

A new look

We now have a new certificate that learners will earn when they complete their training.

Certificate of Completion

Outside of its new appearance, this new certificate now displays:

  • The IACET Accredited Provider logo
  • Our authorizer’s signature

Both the logo and the signature are required for us to award CEUs for training that we have developed.

If a person completed a course a few years ago, when they view their certificate, they will see this updated certificate.

This certificate will always appear for CypherWorx-built courses that awards CEUs. This includes if your organization created custom certificates.

What about my custom certificates?

If you are an organization that has created your own certificates, you cannot use your custom certificate while also awarding CEUs.

  • If you would like your learners to continue to earn CEUs, you do not need to do anything. All courses that award CEUs will now display the new certificate.
  • If you would rather your learners earn your custom certificate and not earn CEUs, then you can turn off CEUs and always award your certificate by following the steps below.

Go to Admin Tools, then under the Catalog section go to Catalog Management.

The Admin Tools page

On the Catalog Management page, uncheck CEUs Allowed and click on Apply Default State.

Catalog Management for certificates

This will remove CEUs earned from all courses offered in your site. Your learners will then view your certificate instead.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us in our Support Hub.

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