As the Director of our Client Services Team, I am very proud of how responsive we are when working with our clients. We always go above, beyond and then beyond that to give our customers a satisfying experience.

When someone calls the CypherWorx trouble line (888-685-4440), it is usually because they have run into a problem or a glitch that they can’t understand and don’t know how to fix. We understand that not everyone is comfortable using a computer. The good news is that problems are always fixable! To determine our solution, we have to figure out the issue. Is it something on their side that has gone wrong? For example, browser issues on the client-side make up about 90% of our calls.

By sending a user an email with our requirements link: we can quickly determine three key issues that can prevent a good user-experience.

  1. What browser is the client using? (CypherWorx recommends either Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  2. Is JavaScript enabled or disabled? (It must be enabled)
  3. What version of Adobe Flash is the client using? (The Adobe Flash Player must be version 8 or higher)

If any of these requirements are in red, the course will not work. If any of them are in yellow, the course may not work. We always encourage everyone to update their systems and then to try their course again.

Our requirements document shows folks how to update their system, quickly and easily by following these links:

(p.s., it usually is as simple as that – get all those requirements to show in green and the system will run just fine!)

We also maintain a customer support site: where you can put in a trouble ticket 24/7.  Click on “new support ticket” and the system will walk you through how to submit your issue.  In addition to being able to put in a support ticket, you can also search our knowledge base of questions/answers, watch user group meeting videos and request features.

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