Finding Your Creative Spark!

Our goal at CypherWorx is to keep our user’s attention through creative, fun, interactive, and effective courses. As instructional designers it is our job to think of new and creative [...]

Listen Up! Why High-Quality Audio Matters

You’ve spent time designing a training plan that meets the performance objectives you’ve identified. You’ve turned that design into engaging elearning that incorporates first-rate graphics and interactivity. But have you [...]

Continuing Education: Worth the Investment

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) In a marketplace cluttered with in-person, on-line and print-based education resources, it is vital to know what programs are worth both your [...]

You’ve Got New Features!

We are constantly working on our LMS to improve its functionality, making it more efficient and easy for you to use. We are pleased to announce that three new features are now live! [...]


Conferences are a great place to generate ideas for the nonprofit and small business community. Conferences often showcase the latest techniques and theories in the employee training and eLearning communities, [...]

Developing Meaningful Instructional Objectives

A large quantity of digital ink has already been spilled, both academic and anecdotal, about the relative merits of e-Learning versus more traditional classroom instruction. A quick search on Google [...]

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