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Here at CypherWorx, we've had a busy month! We visited our partners at two zoos, attended the Child Care Resource Network (CCRN) Annual Conference, and launched MANY new fantastic upgrades including huge improvements to our DIY Tool! 

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Market News

CypherWorx Updates


Visit to our Partners at Rosamond Gifford Zoo


Chris Glenn, our Client Services Liaison, visited our partners at the  Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY to see the new baby red pandas! This zoo is one of the many zoos around the world that use our eLearning training.

Visit to our Partners at San Diego Zoo Global

We enjoyed our visit to our partners Jon Prange (Director) and Gary Priest (Curator of Animal Care Training) at  San Diego Zoo Global this month! For more information about the Global Academy, visit:  http://

Child Care Resource Network Conference

Last week we had a great time at the  Child Care Resource Network(CCRN) Annual Conference! We attended a variety of fantastic workshops (while also holding a workshop of our own!), many networking opportunities, and learned about different community resources. To get more information about the CCRN, visit: .


Programming Updates

DIY Updates:

- Unlimited quiz questions

- Ability to add and move questions

- Ability to add graphics after you have uploaded your slides

- Ability to analyze learner responses by question- how learners answered

- Additional ADA Compliance features

- Quicker review process

- ... And much, much more! Click here to register for our Users Group to hear more. 


Instructional Design Updates

OSHA/Compliance Enhanced Versions:

- Understanding the Basic Concepts of HIPPA

- Ergonomics for General Industry: Making the Work Fit the Worker

- Young Worker Safety: Module 1 - English 

- Respiratory Protection Awareness

- Slips, Trips, and Falls

- Manual Materials Handling


- HO170el: Housing Counseling Services for Military Members and Veterans



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Upcoming Webinars

DIY Tool Update Information Session

Out-of-School-Time Professional Development Certificate Series Information Session

IAAPA Online Learning Center

Users Group Webinar


Welcoming New Partners...




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